Notice: PRIS has been successfully serving the expatriate community of Balikpapan for four decades to support the education needs of our children. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, a decision has been made to close Pasir Ridge Intercultural School at the end of this current school year, June 2016. We appreciate your support and ask that questions/comments related to the closure of the school be sent to our office by phone or at

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Pasir Ridge Intercultural School is located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, on the Island of Borneo. Balikpapan is a city of 800,000 with the economy based mainly on the oil and mining industries. The school serves about 85 expatriate children in preschool through grade eight, with 20 percent U.S. citizens and 80 percent representing 20 other nationalities.

– “PRIS is a gem! We enjoyed every moment of our experience there. It will be difficult to find another school that will merge all the qualities we find at PRIS: high academic standards, excellent family atmosphere, highly prepared and motivated staff. At the end it all results in a secure-fun environment for our children to learn…Thank you PRIS!”

– “Thanks for your support and help, our children are happy students and they love the school.”

– “I would prefer PRIS than any other schools, in developing a child’s total wholeness, not just academic aspect but also the creativity and human aspect that is the strong point of PRIS.”

– “We think you’re doing a fabulous job and really appreciate all you do for the kids. Our kids have learned so much in the 2 years here thanks so much can’t wait to see what else they learn!”

– “I enjoy getting the blog updates it’s a great way to get a snapshot of the classroom.”

– “PRIS was an outstanding and memorable experience for our family. Thank you for your care, kindness, and expertise.”

– “Keep up the great work! Please know that you are a school of excellence in many areas and ways.”

– “PRIS is a wonderful school because it has an amazing team that makes it a great place for kids to learn…”

– “I know that experiences are personal and everyone lives theirs in a specific way… For me, being part of the PRIS community has been a blessing. I consider myself, my kids and my family extremely lucky for having the chance to be part of the PRIS family. The teachers and staff are not only great professionals but also great human beings… I have seen my kids learn and grow in the past three years and loving each day of school….That is the best feeling ever!…. We will truly miss being part of PRIS, but we will always treasure our memories and the friends we met here… Thank you all!”

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